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Christmas 2015 Opening Hours.

Need a plumber over the festive season?  See our opening hours for Christmas 2015. We close on Thursday 24th at 5pm and re-open again on Thursday December 31st. Wishing all our customers a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! 

A New Generation of Ace Energy Customers

Plumbers in Bath have traditionally taken bookings by phone but in recent times we have seen a big shift in the way our Bath customers communicate with us. It wasn’t long ago that the only way to contact a plumber or other trader was by good old fashioned…

When Do You Put Your Heating on?

Well it’s November and we have just seen record temperatures for the first day of this month.  The weather is certainly changing now with more and more people are putting on their central heating.  

Here at Ace Energy we always advise customer not to wait until the weather gets cold but to test all is well by switching on the heating during late summer or early September.  Switch it on a leave it on for an hour or so, that way you can see if there are any issues before the winter kicks in.  

October is a very busy month for plumbers in Bath, we are always busy as everyone tests their heating at the same time, so beat the rush by testing early and book a boiler service during the non busy summer months.

New Plumber To Join Ace

We are delighted to announce that we have successfully found a new Plumber to join our team here at Ace Energy in Bath. Robert (32) is from South Wales and recently came to Bath to further his Plumbing and Heating training.  He said, “I can’t wait…

Do you need a Bath Plumber or a Heating Engineer?

Customers commonly ask us what the difference is between a plumber and a heating or gas engineer, if you have every wondered which you need to solve your issue then read on………  Plumbers – If your toilet has broken, if you want to install a new bath,…

For Affordable Heating Keep An Ace Up Your Sleeve

Fuel prices continue to rise year on year so now could be the time to replace that old boiler for a greener technology that can also help reduce fuel bills.

Heating and hot water consume around 70% of the energy we use in our homes so cutting this can make a real difference to your monthly outgoings.

Ace Energy, Plumbing and Heating prides itself on being at the forefront of the drive towards more sustainable heating and as an Accredited Installer for the triple-award-winning Ecodan® air source heat pump system from Mitsubishi Electric, the company is leading the way towards affordable, low carbon heating for our homes.

Ecodan uses proven heat pump technology to extract free, renewable energy from the surrounding air and reduce the amount of primary energy needed; “It is straightforward to install and may be eligible for a £900 microgeneration grant,” explains Alan Seviour, Head of Renewables at the family run business which has provided all aspects of plumbing and heating services for nearly 45 years.  

Using the new system can offer savings in running costs of over 30% and cut CO2 emissions by 50% against even the most modern gas condensing boiler. Savings over oil, older gas boilers, LPG or direct electric systems are even greater.

For further details on how Ecodan can help reduce both your fuel bills and cut your carbon footprint.  Call today for a free survey.   01225 729005.

Size Does Matter

If you been out in Bath City Centre lately you may of seen our new car gracing the roads. The new Mini Cooper is our ‘run around’ vehicle which will have two main uses.  The first will be to pick up property keys from landlords…

You Don’t Need A Plumber.

Let’s face it, plumbers in Bath are sometimes hard to find and dare we say it some can be unnecessarily expensive, that’s if they answer their phones at all. Believe it or not there are some jobs we get called to which could easily be fixed…

Buying a house in Bath this Autumn?

Yesterday we got a call from a customer who had just bought a Bath townhouse but was having trouble getting the boiler to work.  The property was stunning, decorated to perfection with beautifully landscaped gardens.  Sadly, as it turned out the boiler (an old Worcestor Bosch) had seen better days and we quickly established that it would need replacing.  As you can imagine the owner was not best pleased with this news as she was led to believe all was well with the heating and plumbing for her new dream family home.

So that got us thinking, when you view a property, how can you check that the plumbing is in good order?

Here at Ace Energy we’ve put together a few tips to avoid costly plumbing and heating repairs when buying a house.  Use them when you first view the house to save time and money later down the line.


Are there water stains in any of the rooms?  Do the rooms smell damp?  Double check those rooms directly below the bathroom and kitchen. Water marks could be the result of leaking pipes. 


Expensive to replace, take a good look, does it look new?  Ask the current owner when they installed it?  Do they still have the paperwork?  Is it still under warranty?  Ask to see it working, does it switch on easily?  Most responsible home owners will have their boiler serviced annually, so ask to see the paperwork which will support this. 


Hard to check the drains themselves but don’t be afraid to flush the toilets and ask to see the shower working, the water should come out of the shower fairly smoothly and drain away quickly, if it doesn’t this could be a sign of blocked drain.

Check the taps.  Are the covered in limescale?  If so, this could be a property in a hard water area and may benefit from having a water softener fitted.  Find out now and build this into your purchase costs.  If the owner is using a lot of air freshners in the room they may be hiding damp smells from leaky pipes or blocked drains. 

So to summarise if you are currently viewing properties with a view to purchasing your dream home, then it really will save you money in the long run if you carry out these simply checks as early on as possible.  If you suspect something is not quite right with the boiler, plumbing or drainage then talk to the owner or agent and if there is a problem which will take money to correct, use this as bargaining power when making an offer. 

To help you, we are always on standby for advice and can even accompany you to viewings if you have concerns.  Telephone 01225 729005 for more information.

Have You Got What It Takes To Work For Us?

We need a fully qualified Plumbing and Heating Engineer to join our team here at Ace Energy. We offer an exciting employment package to anyone that can show commitment, experience and a passion for plumbing in Bath. You will need to be Gas Safe Registered,…