Commercial Solar PV

Why choose Solar PV panels?

Solar photovoltaic panels (or solar PV) turn sunlight into electricity all year round. Solar panel systems are simple in design and are suitable for most UK homes. A 2 kWp solar system will be enough to supply up to 50% of electricity to the average UK home and excess solar power can be sold back to the National Grid. The feed in tariff scheme means that solar panels on your home will generate you a gernerous income of up to £800 annually – tax free and inflation proof – for 20 years!

The UK solar feed in tariff scheme (or FITs) currently provides 15.44p per unit of electricity produced and a further 4.5p for exported solar power. This level of FITs will be in place until the next solar PV feed in tariff change in May 2013. With the average domestic customer paying around 12p per unit for electricity used in the home solar power offers a lucrative return on investment of up to 10% and being linked to inflation all solar gains are future-proofed for 20 years. For more information on solar power and the financial benefits visit The Energy Saving Trust website:

At Ace Energy we carry out constant research to keep abreast with the best solar panels available on the world market. We fit the panels which have proven to offer the best solar gains through the respected Photon tests held in Germany each year. For more information on the Photon tests and the panels we offer visit:

What are the benefits of solar panels?

  • Generation of free green electricity
  • Solar feed-In tariff brings high return on investment
  • Generation of free solar electricity adds value to your property
  • Zero CO2 emissions from solar electricity good for the environment
  • 25 year solar power performance guarantee
  • Easy installation of solar panels mean minimum disruption

Ace Energy – the renewable energy experts

Ace Energy – the renewable energy division of  Ace Plumbing Ltd – have many years of experience fitting, managing and maintaining energy systems to the highest standard. For 40 years we have been providng service to housholders, local councils, Housing Associations, communities and businesses throughout Dorset, Somerset, Hampshire & Wiltshire. In 2013 we became a Green Deal Approved Installation company. Along with our GAS SAFE and OFTEC registration we are REAL and MCS accredited which means we are the perfect choice for combining old and new technologies or when decommissioning fossil fuel systems. Our renewable energy consultants can provide you with free advice and information to help you decide which renewable energy products would be best for your home or business.

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