Biomass Heating

What is biomass?

Biomass heat is produced using  nature’s factory of organic fuel products. Most organic substances can be used as fuel but the most common biomass product used is wood – either as logs, wood chips or manufactured wood pellets. This fuel is cheaper to purchase than fossil fuels such as gas, oil or LPG and due to state of the art  renewable energy technology it can significantly reduce heating bills – hence its growing popularity. As wood absorbes CO2 as it grows it is also a major player in carbon reduction strategies and is termed ‘carbon neutral’ because as long as the consumed wood fuel is regrown there is no addition to the carbon footprint from burning this versatile fuel.

What are the benefits?

Heating your home or business with biomass will benefit you in the following ways:

  • Reduced heating bills
  • A high temperature system – versatile as good for any project even older properties
  • Annual payments from the Renewable Heat Incentive – inflation proofed and paid for 20 years
  • Fast payback of the installation – typically 5 to 7 years
  • High return on investment – up to 23%
  • Tax free income for domestic installations – a great help to the household budget
  • Tax incentives available for business installations – a sound business investement
  • Lower CO2 emissions – good for the environment

The Renewable Heat Incentive – RHI

In November 2011 the Renewable Heat Incentive commenced and now offers guaranteed payments to commercial biomass installations for the next 20 years. In 2013 the domestic RHI is due to begin. Similar to the solar feed in tariff system money will be paid for each unit of heat produced in the home, business or community building – and the payments will continue for 20 years bringing a healthy financial return for going green.

Please note that at present the RHI scheme for biomass is only available for ‘off grid’ heating i.e. where mains gas is not available.

Ace Energy – the heating experts

Ace Energy – the renewable energy division of the renowned heating company Ace Plumbing Ltd – have many years of experience fitting, managing and maintaining heating systems to the highest standard. For 40 years we have been providng heating for housholders, local councils, Housing Associations, communities and businesses throughout Dorset, Somerset, Hampshire & Wiltshire. Along with our GAS SAFE and OFTEC registration we are REAL and MCS accredited which means we are the perfect choice for combining old and new technologies or when decomissioning fossil fuel systems. Our renewable energy consultants can provide you with free advice and information to help you decide which renewable energy products would be best for heating your home.

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